Food Capitals of the World in (2020)

Eating has now become a reason to travel. It’s not just for the sights, it’s for the food. Travelers love to eat after all. When it comes to exquisite cuisine, globe-trotting pays off. You just have to know where to look to find the best food and markets.

What makes these cities the food capital of the world are not the people on Instagram hashtagging all the time, it’s the quality of the food and restaurants. That’s what brings these cities to this list.

  1. New York, USA

Why you should go here: This is the true mecca of the food world, allowing you to go on a gastronomic world trip without ever leaving the city. As long as you’re not incredibly picky, it won’t cost much either. Make sure to check out the Museum of Food and Drink.

What you should eat here: Cheesecake. Decadent and rich but incredibly simple. The towering ivory slices throughout the city make even me want to take a bite – and I’m lactose intolerant. Be sure to check out Junior’s for the most iconic New York cheesecake you can get.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Why you should go here: Normally, you hear Tokyo and you think sushi. ‘Nuff said. But, that is most certainly not the case. Tokyo is much more than sushi. They have the most Michelin star restaurants in the world and great casual dining. Tokyo is a hot spot for foodies.

What you should eat here: Kaiseki cuisine, the ultimate Japanese cuisine that has been refined in both preparation methods and appearance. This is the epitome of Japanese food aesthetic. Natural, simple, and clean. Only seasonal ingredients that pass intense scrutiny are used in this cuisine.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Why you should go here: Barcelona is this wonderful area where there’s fresh seafood and the innovative Catalan cuisine.

What you should eat here: Paella – I jokingly call it Spanish fried rice – is an amazing rice dish usually made with seafood that Barcelona is famous for. My personal favorite was the squid ink paella at La Fonda. But, be careful, it’ll stain your teeth black for a little.

  1. San Francisco, USA

Why you should go here: San Francisco is another great melting pot. It’s also one of the few cities where Chinatown is really authentic. Go here to experience the best authentic cuisines you can find on the West Coast.

What you should eat here: San Francisco’s iconic food has been around for about a century now. It’s called Joe’s Special – it is unclear where it originated or what exactly goes in it. However, it is agreed upon that every version of it contains ground beef, eggs, and spinach. But, that’s not all there is to try there.

  1. Paris, France

Why you should go here: Now, this list wouldn’t be complete without Paris, since it was once hallmarked as the food capital of the world. Ah, Paris, it’s not as great as you think (it smells terrible), but it still has pretty damn great food.

What you should eat here: Paris does not have a specific food they are famous for. And really it’s mainly their pastries which are their biggest works of art. So throw yourself in, try the escargot, crepes, jambon-beurre (the most Parisian of sandwiches), duck confit, et cetera.