How to Choose the Right Projector?

You want the best viewing experience whether you’re lounging around your couch watching a movie or giving a power point presentation at work. The right type of projector is necessary for the best experience.

Most projectors take different type of inputs but you should be sure of what they do best before you go about buying a projector.

Let’s take a look at the different types of projectors

Home theatre projectors

You can zoom in 36 times more than a 50 inch TV. A home theatre is perfect for watching football on the big screen with your friends. The high image quality and contrast is a major plus when it comes to image quality. They sort of resemble a movie hall so it’s best to place them in a room where you can make it completely dark. The ambient light in the room can be mitigated if you can turn up the brightness and get a projector screen is reflective.

Use it for:

  • Home theatre at home
  • For movie nights with friends
  • Sports nights
  • Slideshows at weddings
  • Watching 3D movies
  • Playing Video Games

Why should you buy a home theatre projector?

  • The image quality is amazing
  • The background noise is low
  • There are HDMI ports that allow you to connect it your systems

Business projectors:

A business projector is necessary for meetings, classroom trainings and presentations. These are much brighter than multimedia projectors so y ou can use it in brightly lit rooms. You do not have to get a reflective screen and the room doesn’t have to be completely dark. Most of the business projectors include an HDMI port for connecting to the laptop or other devices.

Use it for:

  • Business meetings at the office
  • Official presentations
  • Conference meetings
  • Training and Education
  • Slideshows on PowerPoint

Why should you buy a business projector?

  • The display is bright even though there is ambient light
  • The projector is portable
  • It’s very easy to set up and adjust
  • There are multiple inputs on the projector and it can be connected to easily to all devices.
  • Some models even allow wireless projection

Pico Projectors

This projector uses LEDs and is known as LED projectors. It is a very portable projector that can fit in your pocket or hand. These projectors are powerful enough to share images. Since it is so portable you can take it anywhere with you- friend’s house party, slideshow at wedding, movie night.

Use it for:

  • Presentation for a small group
  • For personal use or on the go

Why you should choose a Pico projector

  • Very compact and portable
  • Smallest projector available
  • Since it uses LEDs, it has a very long life

LED projectors are the best projectors that you can buy because of its long lasting life. Apart from Pico projectors, other kinds of projectors can also be LED projectors. The projector price in India for Pico projectors is cheap whereas the projector price for other types is more expensive.